M-TAG Systems & Solutions (PTY)Ltd. is a 100% black owned South African company. The company was established under GSMICT solutions (PTY)Ltd as a brand and recently registered as independent entity in 2016.

M-TAG Systems offers next generation business innovation powered by the state of the art systems in both SoftwareDevelopment, Manufacturing and Services.

M-TAG Systems is Certified with a number of OEM’s, namely, Microsoft Authorised Education Partner, Microsoft Network Partner, Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Microsoft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Microsoft Device Partner and Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), 3CX Silver Partner and Intel Technology Provider, Authorized Certiport Testing Centre. Our Focus is to ensure that our customers receive specialized, customised and individual attention for their entire IT service needs.

Vision & Values

Our Vision is to be an agile and customer centric provider of cutting edge digital solutions that will be at the fore-front of the digital industry in Africa.

We aim to achieve this vision through:

  • State-of-the-art hardware manufacturing infrastructure in Africa
  • Creative teams of developers and researchers
  • Visionary leadership that creates economic benefits for stakeholders
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M-TAG Systems specializes in developing innovative ICT Solutions for business (private sector) and Public Sector Organisations. We are small enough to ensure that you receive specialized, individual attention; yet we are big enough to offer you a peace of mind about your entire IT services needs or requirement. Our range of services include but not limited to the following:

  • E.M.S System

    The M-Tag Emergency Dispatching System (MEDS) is both desktop and web based tool to allow the administration of emergency response system. It maintains locations of ambulances that can be dynamically configured at administration time. The system maintains a history of response results for analysis. MEDS greatly enhance the innovative ideas of public safety dispatching of emergency vehicles by sending immediate response to help/resolve an emergency situation.

  • Asset Management System

    This system is viable solution for all asset management needs of an organization.It is aimed to not only provide automation support to the business processes for registration, categorisation, tagging and maintenance of assets but also provide optimisations for achieving required business objectives

  • e-Learning

    SayLeader is a full online career guidance tool that enables individuals to earn transferable credits or to take recognised examinations, the system allows both students and business executives to learn anywhere and at any time. You can learn from virtually any place with a computer or mobile device and internet connection, meaning you can study from home, on vacation or in your break.Basically this platform provides a budget friendly hosted training program.

  • Indigent Registration & Management System

    The Indigent Registration & Management System (IRMS) is a tool that enables the administration and management of indigents. It allows individuals to easily apply for indigence. The system maintains a history of applications (approved, disapproved and on-hold for further enquiries) and produces reports based on a selected criteria. The web based version of this system is also available with only the application form portal functional since other sections are still under construction.

  • Student

    Check attendance, share class information, download homework and submit, remote tutor and communication, multi-mdia interaction study, smart analysis for grade, physical and mental management.

  • Teacher

    For courseware make, gather homework feedback, remote tutor support, communication to parents.

  • Parent

    GPS, grade, homework feedback by teacher, communication with teacher.

  • Institution

    Surveillance system is used to protect students.

  • School

    Teachers management, students managements.

  • Third Party

    Share/distribute/Advertise relevant information

  • Health Cloud Management System

    Our medical service platform afford accurate information supported by hardware. The process is easy to manage with reliable speed.

  • Medical Tablet

    Medical tablet solutions conduct operations such as mobile ward-round, mobile nursing and real-time monitoring which can be effectively used to reduce medical accidents caused by human error, thus improving doctore-patient experience and overrall health care services

  • Medical Resource Management

    Management of medical institutions
    Mangement of patients, doctors and care workers
    Monitoring / Management of health object

  • RFID

    Radio Frequency Identification is used on our medical tablets by medical personnel to identify individual patients along with their recent medical diagnostic reports, imaging data and medication taken. This devices offer medical advices to nurses at bedside and so this helps medical personnel conduct their dailly health-care tasks with ultimate ease by

  • Dual Operating System

    Our educational tablets supports both Windows and Android operating systems with added advantage of keyboard input and stylus pen

  • Wi-Fi Roaming

    The supported Wi-Fi seamless roaming helps to make wireless connection steadier.

  • NFC

    With our tablets Near Field Communication you can conduct resource sharing and data transmission with just one touch

  • 3G Module

    Our devices support 3G network access cards for more convenient network coverage.

  • Support & Repairs

    Your Device plays an essential role in your lifestyle, that is why here at M–TAG we are taking further steps to insure that we have a team of experts at your disposal 24/7 to support & assist in any problems you might encounter on an M–TAG Devices.


  • 7" Tablet

  • M-Tag Ice Smartphone

  • Reasonably Priced Smartphone


  • The Microsoft OEM System Builder License is designed to make it easy for system builders to acquire and distribute genuine Microsoft software with the systems they build and sell. The licensing information found here will help you understand the OEM System Builder License, which is an agreement between you, the system builder, and Microsoft.

    --Microsoft OEM Master License (OEM)--

  • The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is for service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to license the latest eligible Microsoft software products to provide software services and hosted applications to end customers. With the SPLA, service providers and ISVs can license eligible Microsoft products on a monthly basis, during a three-year agreement term, to host software services and applications for their customers. The SPLA supports a variety of hosting scenarios to help you provide highly customized and robust solutions to a wide set of customers.

    --Microsoft Volume Licensing (SPLA)--

  • The Microsoft® Authorized Education Partner (AEP) program allows partners to sell Microsoft products at academic prices to Qualified Educational Users (QEUs) (formerly called the AER program). The AEP program authorizes partners to purchase and re-sell academic priced products to Qualified Educational Users. Distributors will only accept orders for Microsoft academic products from partners that are AEPs. The program is designed to increase customer and partner satisfaction and to improve communication and service to our partners with a standard set of terms and conditions, improved training, and new resources and tools to keep the channel informed with up to date information on new products and events, in addition to guarding against channel miss-selling of academic licensing.

    --Microsoft Education Partner (AEP)--

  • Certiport®, a Pearson VUE business, prepares individuals with current and relevant digital skills and credentials for the competitive global workforce. These solutions are delivered by more than 12,000 Certiport Centers worldwide and include the official Microsoft Office certification program, the Microsoft Technology Associate certification program, the Adobe® Certified Associate certification program, the Adobe® Certified Expert program, the HP Accredited Technical Associate, the CompTIA Strata™ IT Fundamentals, the Autodesk® Certified User certification program, the Intuit® QuickBooks Certified User certification program and the IC3 Digital Literacy certification.

    --ICT Testing Centre (Authorized Certiport Testing Centre)--

  • We all know the cloud opportunity is huge. Microsoft, have built the Cloud Solution Provider program to help businesses to build a profitable business in the cloud, meeting the needs of their mutual customers

    --Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP)--


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    Mr. M Mthethwa

    Founding CEO/Head of Development

    Mr. Mthethwa holds a MSC. Computer Security, 15 years’ experience in the ICT industry having worked for companies like Webcom Technologies as Network and Hardware supporter, Tasima which is contracted to the Department of Transport for the eNaTiS System worked as Hardware and Software Specialist and IT Auditor. More than an Innovator.

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    Mr. K Jasop

    Business Developer/Creative Director

    Kutlwano is the company’s business development Director. He recently joined M-TAG to help it reach new markets in its hardware manufacturing and software development divisions. Kutlwano completed a 3 year Web Development and Graphic Design programme at ATTI. Kutlwano has played the role of Senior Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Creative Director and Project Manager.

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    Mr. M Mantje

    Team Manager/Software Developer

    A software developer with over 5 years ICT experience (C#, JAVA, MVC, HTML, SQL), possesses IT, Honours in Education, and Business Administrations degrees.

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    Mr. L Teele

    Senior Software/Web Developer

    A highly organized IT professional who has a proven track record of using good engineering practice to produce software for new, innovative and profitable products and solutions. With more than 5 years’ experience using technologies such as C#, Java, HTML, MVC 5, JQuery, JavaScript, SQL ,XAML,.NET.

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    Mr. S Sempe

    Hardware/Software Developer & DBA

    Software developer with a 4 year experience in both computer and software engineering fields with a rich electronics background. Holds a National Diploma in Computer Engineering and a degree in Information Technology(Software) with CISCO CCNA networking certificates.

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    Ms. S Matsheke

    Senior Software/Android Developer

    Holds a National Diploma in Information Technology, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, and a Certificate in Personal Software Engineering offered by Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering in conjunction with Carnegie Melon University in the USA. She has 7 years of experience in software development in the IT industry, and 1 year as an IT lecturer at Damelin College.

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    Mr L Lekhina

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Graphic designer with 4 years’ experience, Diploma in Graphic design, Design Proficiency: Concept Development, User Interface Design, Packaging Design, Motion Graphics, Corporate Identity, Sketching, Photography, Story Board, Signage and Outdoor Branding.

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    Mr. S Maziya

    Software Developer(Mentee)

    Currently completing his Associate Degree in Business Information Technology whilist undergoing his internship program at M-Tag. Career highlights so far include acquiring experience in: Software Development (MVC,HTML & Android), Mobile Commerce Systems, Computer Hardware.


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